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Next Week: Join the Virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020

Join 250-Plus Peers for the Agile Camp Berlin 2020

In less than a week, more than 250 people will attend the virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020. Please consider the following activities to maximize your attendee experience:

Submit Your Session Proposal

We already have 25 session proposals, ranging from a Travel to Mars, to Thinking with Hands, to Agendashift, and Site Reliability Engineering.

👉 You can see the preliminary vACB20 schedule here.

Please add your session proposals via this form on the vACB20 website. (Alternatively, we will run a short planning session from 1:15 PM to 1:45 PM each day.)

Join the vACB20 Slack Channel

During the vACB20, we will use Slack as a dedicated chat tool. While Zoom is a remarkable application, its chat functionality is not what we need to provide an outstanding communication experience.

👉 Join the vACB20 Slack Channel now!

Is Your Tech Stack Up-to-Date to Participate in the vACB20?

You probably need to update or register for the following two pieces of technology that will provide the backbone of the vACB20:

  1. The vACB20 will run in a Zoom session; see the registration link provided above. We will enable everyone to move freely among all breakout rooms. To enjoy this functionality, though, you need to update your Zoom client to version 5.3 or higher. (We ask for your understanding that we will not be able to move anyone manually to any breakout room if your Zoom client is version 5.2 or lower.)
  2. Chrome: To enjoy the best possible experience, we recommend upgrading your Chrome browser to the latest version. Some speakers will support their sessions, for example, with Miro or Mural boards, which are optimized for Chrome.

Add Your Public Attendee Profile

Please consider submitting your public vACB20 attendee profile.

So far, almost 50 peers have done so; why don’t you join and give serendipity a chance?

A Shoutout to Our Sponsors

Please welcome our Sponsors that make the virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020 possible:

Codecentric is a pioneer of innovative technologies in Germany. Combining the expertise of the best IT architects and software developers in Germany with practical knowledge gained from 16 years of project experience, codecentric develops and delivers next-generation digital solutions for customers across industries, sharing insights, experiences, and best practices with the IT community along the way.

Leanovate finds that, in a constantly changing world, adaptability is more important than efficiency to succeed. Leanovate sees agility as a combination of inner attitude and craftsmanship. They support companies on their way to agility taking a holistic approach. Preferably with cross-functional product development teams.

The organizer team wishes to express profound gratitude for our sponsors’ continued support through these challenging times!

🎓 Workshop Days from October 22–26, 2020

The workshops will be virtual, too! Check out the following learning opportunities with great coaches:

Learn more about vACB20 Workshop Day.