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Backlog Refinement for Connected Products at a Leading Northern German Airport

by Nils Hyoma
Airports are a complex real-time environment, and in most cases, there is no suitable standard software solution. To reduce the risk of delays especially in peaks, which can quickly affect European airspace through chain reactions, the software must be adapted to the specific challenges of the infrastructure of the airport.

But how do you plan and coordinate sustainable solutions in such a highly complex environment? With Backlog Refinement! According to Jeff Sutherland, one of the co-founders of SCRUM, the Backlog Refinement is the backbone of each functioning SCRUM team. But how this important event can be successfully established in the development process? The Scrum Guide devotes only a short paragraph to the event.

In this session, I will give an overview of why the environment was so complex and how Backlog Refinement was established and used to create a real cross-functional team, which became the center of an agile and digital transformation as well as a culture change.