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Case Study on Agile Transformation

by Annelore Arnold
Let’s go back to the Autumn of 2017. A digital transformation programme with a goal to build a new app was sold. As usual, many promises were made during the sales process. A fixed scope was defined and very ambitious but fixed timelines were set.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2018. We are in massive escalation mode. Timelines haven’t been met and therefore the product launch is delayed. The teams are trying to get as many features in as possible, quality is poor and there is no flexibility. The client was blaming the vendor for not delivering & the vendor was blaming the client for not understanding what was actually needed to succeed. In short; we were all miserable.

This setting turned out to be the perfect breathing ground for the programme’s agile transformation. Slowly but surely the team moved away from the gloom of waterfall and turned into a high-performing agile team. During this workshop, we will share with you how we made this happen, from both a vendor and client point of view. We will also share some examples of how agile and Scrum enabled us to build a better product.