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Combining OKRs with health metrics

by Jelmer Koekkoek
The promise of OKR is a beautiful one: your entire organization gains a razor-focus on your most important ambitions. And the requirements? Simple. Limit the number of O's, and limit the number of KR's.

  But how do you achieve this in a context where many numbers are important to measure? And how do you make sure that OKR is the sole language we use for communicating about goals, instead of still competing with KPIs, dashboards, or MTP plans?

  At Knab, we have added health metrics to our OKR implementation. While we focus on our OKRs, health metrics will tell us how we are doing right now.

  During my workshop, we’ll explore this concept, the dynamic between health metrics & OKRs, and the practical application at Knab.