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Project Design for Thrivability: Lessons & challenges learnt with Corporate Client

by Aman Eid
Two driving forces are massively changing our world today; the force of accelerating technology and the force of unquestioned digital-capitalism.

The session aims at diving into the challenges faced by sustainability enthusiasts trying to play with those forces for advancing some sort of social impact, and turning the impossible dreams into possible realities, especially when working with traditionally 100 yrs+ well-established corporations.

Aman Eid and Judith Armbruster want to invite you to discuss how your projects can stay relevant in connecting stakeholders, end-users, beneficiaries, and contributors after the launch in ways that allow their ecosystem (and everyone in it) to flourish, not only the stakeholders'.

We are surrounded by emerging technologies allowing for more connectedness than ever before, and yet, questions that we are faced with such as: What strategies for more sustainable solutions to thrive are needed? How to engage and collaborate with interested partnerships? How can we strategic and yet agile, profitable, and yet socially relevant?

We want to open the space to explore with you potential benefits, opportunities, and options to live the beautiful side rather than backdrops of digitalization.

This session shall be of interest together for agile professionals, social impact enthusiasts, technology innovators as well as product owners alike to discuss a future of the industry that is worth-living, specifically taking one or two examples and collaborating around their potentially not very harmonious needs.