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Sketchnotes Mini-Workshop

by Sebastian Nemak & René Bohrenfeldt
It is nothing out of the ordinary: we sit together with colleagues and discuss a new idea. We often notice after a relatively short time that we start to describe things again and again - just different. However, the opposite doesn’t have the same understanding. That’s a pity. This is exactly where sketchnotes help us.

Sketchnotes visualize essential content with a combination of symbols, text, and structures. These can be easily grasped at a glance. Simple and effective. This simplicity is well suited for the everyday business life - in meetings, as a protocol or in private brainstorm sessions. Using sketchnotes often leads to completely new and innovative ideas - it’s a real creative tool. Instead of recording information purely textual in long bullet point lists sketchnotes offer the advantage of quickly creating a common picture and understanding - and they are fun to read. When was the last time you enjoyed reading a meeting protocol? Never? With sketchnotes you will… 🙂

Everyone is welcome. Make your first sketchnotes steps or simply improve your skills. We’ll practice a lot. According to this slogan „Practice makes perfect”. Therefore you need either your own notebook and pens or a tablet with an appropriate drawing app (e.g. ProCreate, Sketchable). We are looking forward to meeting you.