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The Agile Camp Berlin 2020 Goes Virtual from October 22-24, 2020

The ACB20 Will Be a Virtual Event

Two weeks ago, we asked whether you would feel safe if the ACB20 happened as scheduled. Here are the results of the survey.

In total, 42 % of all attendees answered the questionnaire, and here are the results:

  • No, I would not feel safe: 47,9 % (34)
  • Yes, I would feel safe: 39,4 % (28)
  • Don’t know yet: 12,7 % (9).

(‘Other’ responses were rated as either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ according to the answer.)

Given these survey results, the increasing infection numbers across Europe, and the resulting uncertainty, we conclude that an inclusive, safe event that would celebrate collaboration, communication, and learning from each other cannot be guaranteed. 

As a result, and we are genuinely sorry for the development, the ACB20 will be a virtual event instead, and we reschedule the in-person conference to 2021. (The preliminary date is April 9-10, 2021.)

The Agile Camp Berlin 2020 Goes Virtual from October 22-24, 2020

Your Options as an ACB20 Attendee

As an attendee of the ACB20, these are your options:

  1. You want to attend the virtual ACB20 from October 22-24 (1 pm to 7 pm CET), 2020, and the ACB21: Awesome! In this case, you do not have to do anything. (Moreover, we highly appreciate your continued support as we already have spent several thousand of Euros we cannot recoup.)
  2. You want to participate in the virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020, but you cannot commit to the ACB21: Please send us an email containing “vACB20” and your ticket email address; you will receive a refund minus the € 29 attendance fee for the virtual ACB20.
  3. You are neither interested in the virtual ACB20 nor in the ACB21: No worries, there is a link in the ticket confirmation email from XING-Events to cancel your ticket. You will receive a full refund.

Join Us for the Virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020

You can get your ticket directly here if you are not yet an ACB20 attendee:

We will publish the first details on the virtual ACB20 — session planning, technical requirement, etc. — over the coming two weeks. Please stay tuned!