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How to Design Powerful Agendas — October 22, 2020

by Daniel Stillman

Why Agenda Design?

How do you build a powerful session?

With a powerful agenda.

So many facilitators I work with know Why they want to gather a group. They have important outcomes to get to. They may even have a few key activities they want to execute.

But which activities should you do first? How can you make sure that the session “lands” with the group? How can you make sure you have time for the next steps?

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Facilitation Masterclass by Daniel Stillman — Agile Camp Berlin 2020

Session Design Starts with Session Sketching

I’ll share tools, templates, and patterns to make session design fun and fast. We’ll work in small groups to get you rapid feedback on your session arcs and you’ll leave with a clear plan to make your next important workshop as powerful as you need it to be.

We’ll leverage the tools and frameworks of Design Thinking, Narrative Design, and visual thinking.

Online with Mural and Zoom

To participate successfully you will need a computer with a webcam, microphone, headphones, and good internet connection. You don’t need to be an expert in Mural to participate in the session, but we will be using the platform to make collaboration smoother.

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What Else Should I Bring

Just yourself, your energy and a workshop you want to bring online or reimagine.

👉 Get your ticket now: How to Design Powerful Agendas with Daniel Stillman.

About the Facilitator

Daniel Stillman designs conversations for a living and insists that you do, too. He works with organizations like Google, Nike, and Visa to help them frame and sustain productive dialog, deepen their facilitation skills, and coach them through the innovation process.

He hosts The Conversation Factory podcast and is the author of the upcoming book, “Good Talk: How to Design Conversations that Matter” a handbook for changemakers and innovators on how they design the conversations in their work and lives.

Videos of Past Talks

Narrative design in Facilitation at Control the Room Summit, 2019 in Austin, TX.

Experience Design Intensive at MaGiC Summit, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.