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📅 Agile Camp Berlin 2020 — Join Us on October 22-24, 2020

Update 2020-08-26: The Agile Camp Berlin 2020 Goes Virtual

Due to the uncertainty regarding large in-person events, we decided to postpone the in-person Agile Camp Berlin 2020 to April 9 and 10, 2021.

In the meantime, we will host a virtual Agile Camp Berlin from October 22-24, 2020. You can get your ticket for the Virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2020 directly here if you are not yet an ACB20 attendee:

Agile Camp Berlin 2020, October 23-24, 2020

The Agile Camp Berlin 2020 will happen from October 23-24, 2020, at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum right in the center of Berlin.

Join the Agile Camp Berlin and experience two energizing days with 200 agile peers focusing on community, sharing, and learning. We will practice games and exercises—from Liberating Structures to paper snowflakes and airplanes to building castles with 50 other folks you have never met in your life. We will share tips & tricks, lessons learned, war stories from the agile trenches, and enjoy the company of 200 like-minded people at a perfect venue for our purpose: the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum, one of twelve organizations that Frédéric Laloux describes in his book “Reinventing Organizations.”

Like in 2019, the conference language is English.

How Will This Year’s Agile Camp Berlin Be Different from Last Year?

What will change in 2020? We will open on Friday at 7 am and invite you to skip the hotel breakfast as we will offer our outstanding breakfast buffet also that morning—enjoy an additional hour of networking and community! We are also planning to relocate the ACB2020 party to the venue itself so that more people will join us for finger food and drinks. Lastly, we will set up a video studio in one of the classrooms so that we can film all sessions there.

Please note, that by purchasing a ticket for the Agile Camp Berlin 2020, you also provide the organizers of the Agile Camp Berlin 2020 with your permission to take photos as well shoot videos during the event that may include your person for later publication in online and offline media.

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Looking back at the Awesome Agile Camp 2019 Experience

Check out the video from the Agile Camp Berlin 2019 to get an impression on why we are all looking forward to repeating the experience!

And while you’re at it also have a look at last camp’s:

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See you at the #ACB2020!