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Agile Freelancer - Market, Conditions, Strategy, Satisfaction

by Heiko Erhardt
This session is not about teaching agile practices. It is about getting paid for it - and how to achieve the best satisfaction/effort ratio as a freelance agile coach or scrum master:

  • How do we come to our assignments? Do we need to go through intermediaries? If yes, what percentage is ok and what is not?
  • What works for brand building and customer acquisition?
  • How can we as a loose network of agile specialists gain access to interesting projects? Would the approach of an "Agile Guild" work?
  • Are there alternatives to the "daily rate" discussion?
  • Do we need to fear dumping offers? What would be realistic conditions?
  • What qualifications are being asked for?
  • What are the most pressing problems of your customers?
  • What is important to you apart from the monetary compensation?

This is an interactive session.

We will share what has worked well and try to sketch what might be interesting to try. Please take a few minutes to fill the questionnaire until Thu 10:00 pm. Full anonymity guaranteed: Agile Freelancer - Market, Conditions, Strategy, Satisfaction Survey.

The results will be discussed in the session on Friday at 2 pm (and what we might do with it). A brief summarized analytics will be distributed in the follow-up of the conference.