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Rolling out Scrum using Kanban, or: why it's not about "either... or...", but more about "both... and..."

by Sven Kräuter
In the agile community, I witness discussions around whether to use Scrum or to use Kanban. And which one suits better. While this is a very "western" discussion, I discovered both a very convincing "eastern" point of view to it. As well as an idea I would like to discuss with you: what if the Scrum framework is a perfectly valid state of a Kanban system? If you are interesting in discussing this hypothesis, or you are wondering what this is supposed to mean in the first place - this session is for you!

Additionally Required Software

I might share a miro board to have some interactive brainstorming going on, but I would just share a link to it during the session. (Unless you have a good idea how to share this upfront.)