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#PoDojo ™ Masterclass Prototyping and Testing for Lean/Agile Coaches

by Stefan Haas & Hannah Koch

With prototyping you can create alignment, shared understanding, and validated learning within your team and organization. Using a hypothesis-driven approach you can create a shared language for business stakeholders and teams and establish a testing culture and mindset.

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#Podojo Prototyping and Testing Masterclass — Agile Camp Berlin Workshop Day 2020

At this one-day #PoDojo ™ masterclass you will extend your skillset in helping teams to find the appropriate prototyping method to test their riskiest assumptions. You will learn how to help your agile team and stakeholders to accelerate learning and decision making based on facts.

After our session you will be ready to explain the benefits of prototyping applied in discovery and delivery and be able to facilitate prototyping and testing for desirability, feasibility, and viability.


  • Map of prototyping methods and guide when to apply which testing method
  • Flow structure to facilitate design, prototype and test cycle
  • Benefits of prototyping for desirability, feasibility, and viability
  • Guide to the craft metrics system
  • Testing culture and mindset.

Experience: Beginner.

For: Agile Coaches, Team Leads and Scrum Master.

Facilitators: Hannah Koch and Stefan Haas.

Price: € 580 incl. 19% VAT, discounts for NGOs, supporters of SGGs available upon request.

Registration: Register now for the #Podojo Prototyping and Testing Masterclass!